I write a column for Turnstyle News called "Crowdfunding 201". That's probably the place to start.

I probably won't update this as much as I should, so go here for updated stuff. But here's a list of (most of) them:

5/21/13: Kevin Smith's Missed Opportunity
5/15/13: How To (Not) Fail
5/1/13: Wish You Were Working
4/10/13: Not As Simple As It Looks
2/13/13: Champion of the Sun(Dance)
1/30/13: A New Model From Seed & Spark
1/28/13: Indie 3D?
1/25/13: Terms & Conditions May Apply
1/24/13: The Crowd Consensus
1/22/13: The Brave "New Frontier"
1/21/13: Bonus Perks
1/19/13: Google and the World Brain
1/18/13: It's Getting Crowd(Fund)ed In Here
12/27/12: 2013 Predictions
12/11/12: Awards Season
11/13/12: Stretch Goals (Pro Tip: Dinosaurs Help)
10/26/12: "Burn" Fails to Catch Fire the Second Time Around
10/7/12: Asian Bad Guys
9/26/12: Kicktraq Predicts the Future
9/13/12: Three Things We Must Never Speak of Again
8/30/12: Once More Into the Breach
7/13/12: By The Numbers
6/28/12: Movie Cloud's Messaging Problem
6/22/12: Seth Godin's Miracle Campaign Is No Miracle
6/14/12: How'd They Do That?
6/8/12: Anatomy of a Failure
6/1/12: Matthew Lillard Talks Campaign Secrets of "Fat Kid Rules The World"
5/10/12: Making Your Campaign An Event
5/3/12: Learning From Your Mistakes
4/26/12: Capturing An "Impasse"
4/18/12: Best Friends Forever


I work on campaigns as well. Email me for information: lmcnelly [at] gmail [dot] com. My rates vary, depending on how much help you need. I almost never get paid unless your campaign is successful.

No, I don't have a list of campaigns I've worked on. My goal is to be invisible whenever possible, because crowdfunding is most effective when an audience can connect with the artist, not some guy they hired to do their outreach. I draw up the plays. You run them. Your campaign. Your project. Your career. I help you do it a lot better than you could on your own.

I've worked on a lot of campaigns. Most of them have hit their goal.

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