Lucas McNelly is the award-winning filmmaker behind such feel-good movies as UP COUNTRY, BLANC DE BLANC, GRAVIDA, and the screening series Indies for Indies. His work has been featured all over the place. Maybe you've heard of him, maybe you haven't.

This is his webpage, which is pretty much just his film blog with some pages added. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Praise for Lucas McNelly:

"A brilliant director" (Pericles Lewnes, The Annapolis Pretentious Film Society)

"He's the best kind of filmmaker there is, the kind driven by a love of the art not a desire for a contract." (Jonathan Lapper, Cinema Styles)

"an artist whose craft is informed by cinephilia and a writer whose cinephilia is informed by his craft." (Matt Riviera)

"He's the real deal" (Kent Beeson)

"a passionate, smart, effective filmmaker who doesn't just talk about the independent film community, but has done his damnedest to make it happen." (producer Tom Russell)

Lucas McNelly's Facebook profile

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