24 June 2012


There's a lot of reasons for a crowdfunding campaign to succeed or fail. Some are valid. People run bad campaigns all the time. But one of the worst ways to fail is simply because people don't know about it. Let's fix that.

We can rally the community, but the community needs lead time. People are busy. We all travel a lot. We're on sets. We're at festivals. We're often drunk (well, I'm often drunk).

So we're going to try this. I started a hashtag #twitfund. Pitch your campaign there as it enters the final week. I'll collect them all and run them here Monday mornings (or, as soon as my schedule permits). Plus, any others I see. Also, when it launches, same thing. TELL US.

Maybe people will fund it, maybe they won't. It can't hurt.

And don't spam the hashtag. Pitch your actual project.

Lucas McNelly is the filmmaker behind A YEAR WITHOUT RENT, UP COUNTRY, BLANC DE BLANC, and GRAVIDA. He consults on Kickstarter campaigns for a living. He hasn't lived anywhere in a long time.