25 June 2012

The Crowdfunding Compilation (25 June 2012)

This is a list of the independent film crowdfunding campaigns that either just launched this week or are ending this week, provided I either happened to notice them or they used the hashtag #twitfund to pitch it.

Why only indie films? Because you have to draw a line somewhere. Otherwise, it gets overwhelming.

Want to be on the list? Give a Twitter Pitch (which is like an elevator pitch, only shorter). Put the hashtag at the end. Easy as that.

Disclaimer: Being listed here does not mean I worked on the campaign or endorse the campaign or even like the campaign. It simply means the campaign exists.

Ending Soon

You're What I Want Wrong With Me | The Sick of Sarah Movie

Filmmakers: J. Reuben Appelman (@jreub)

The Pitch

You're What I Want Wrong With Me | The Sick of Sarah Movie follows the working class, all-girl band from Minneapolis, Sick of Sarah, a phenomenon in the 13-30 demographic with no major record label but over two million downloads of their latest album, 2205. 

The Goal: $20,000

Ends: Friday, 29 June, 1:58PM EDT

All or Nothing? YES

A Life Not To Follow

Filmmakers: Christopher Di Nunzio

The Pitch: A trilogy of Neo-Noir films: Eric is a dead man and he knows it. Death is imminent and he must make amends for his past sins, by killing those who wronged him, no matter the price: A wiseguy willing to do anything to move up in the world must now make the ultimate sacrifice. He must kill his best friend or in turn be killed: An F.B.I.agent turned P.I. is on the trail of a missing girl. In his long search for her he comes face to face with a host of unsavory characters who will lead him to perdition or salvation.

Goal: $3,000

Ends: Monday, 25 June at 11:59PM PT

All or Nothing? No.

Andretti Dante presents Insomniac Theatre

Filmmakers: Andretti Dante (@AndrettiDante)

The Pitch:

This isn't just a movie that we're trying to create but an event...An event that is designed to evoke and enhance all of your viewing pleasures by situating you in an arena of darkness that has been occupied and haunted by millions, the American Theater.  While in this historical attraction, you will be introduced to twelve gruesome stories all jam packed into one terrifying and mind altering movie.  Each story builds into the next, acting as puzzle pieces if you will, that when put together form an eerie and frieghtning picture that will push your imagination to the brink.

Goal: $20,000

Ends: Sunday, 1 July at 6:30PM EDT

All or Nothing? YES

Just Launched

No One Knows - A short film about secrets

Filmmakers: Bunee Tomlinson (@Buneetomlinson), Daniel Hoyos (@danielhoyos), and Jamie Livingston-Dierks

The Pitch:

A story about family, public perceptions, and secrets. What would you do to keep your secret? 

The Smiths could be any family. They could be your neighbors. When twelve-year old Jason looks in his neighbor’s window at , he learns he’s not the only kid living in an abusive environment. What he learns will change his life.

The Goal: $7,000

Ends: Tuesday, 17 July at 11:59pm PT

Lucas McNelly is the filmmaker behind A YEAR WITHOUT RENT, UP COUNTRY, BLANC DE BLANC, and GRAVIDA. He consults on Kickstarter campaigns for a living. He hasn't lived anywhere in a long time.