22 December 2011

Music for UP COUNTRY

Above is the first 1:45 (ish) of my film UP COUNTRY, a feature film shot in northern Maine on the 7D for roughly $4,000. That's not a typo.

We thought we had a composer, but that's fallen through. We're looking for a new one. So if you'd like to take a shot at it, pitch us something using the video above to go by.

The film is the story of 3 people who hire a guide to take them fishing in the woods of northern Maine, then find themselves in trouble when the guide leads them out into the middle of nowhere and takes all their stuff.

As you can imagine, that doesn't go very well.

It's a small film, obviously, but it features great performances from Kieran Roberts, Jonny Mars, and Tyler Peck. And you can get an idea of how beautiful Dustin Pearlman's cinematography is from the clip.

If you have any questions, email me (lmcnelly [at] gmail) or ask on Twitter.