31 October 2011

About that Kickstarter campaign

My Twitter feed exploded today, which must mean that Victoria Westcott and Marty Lang's somewhat secret project that I wasn't supposed to really know about must be live.

As I understand it, the original plan was to keep this a secret from me, to somehow do it while I wasn't paying attention, but I think they figured out that would be pretty much impossible. Over/under on how long it would take before I heard about it would be 10 minutes.

Plus, they kind of needed my digital rolodex to contact all these people.

So here's my involvement in the whole thing:

1. Victoria, who came up with the idea, ran it by me to make sure it had my blessing. It does, of course. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading about it.

The fact that AYWR faces long odds of survival has been well-documented. Anyone with half a brain knows that $12,000 isn't a lot of money to travel the country world. I'm grateful for all the help I can get.

2. I then gave her contact information and made some introductions with filmmakers she doesn't know.

3. I answered a couple of questions about AYWR, stuff like number of projects, miles travelled. Things like that. Also, I provided that graphic on the front, because I guess it's easier to just get it from me than re-create it.

Which is to say that if you have questions about the campaign, I probably don't know the answer. In fact, I probably know just as much as you do. That doesn't mean I'm not insanely thankful that people have taken up this initiative. The idea that people would do this pretty much blows my mind. I'll be obsessively refreshing the Kickstarter page, as I know there's almost no chance that I'll be able to resist.

It's kind of bizarre, to be sweating a Kickstarter campaign that's effectively yours, but at the same time isn't. There's this detached feeling to it.

My fingers are so motherfucking crossed, and I'm more thankful than you can imagine.