07 June 2011

Increase Your Sex Appeal


Designed by myself, Adam Woods, and Jamie Calder, these shirts are the foremost indicator of indie street cred and cool. Women (or men, if you prefer), will literally fall over each other in an attempt to tear it off you.

That's how awesome they are.

Our $50 and up Kickstarter backers will already be receiving these shirts as part of their perks, but now you can get one too and pretend that you were a supporter of A Year Without Rent way before it was cool (and then, of course, you can claim it got too cool and stop wearing it).

The shirts are on sale for $15 (plus shipping, of course), this week only. Then, they'll revert to the normal price (we think $20). So get 'em while they're hot.

Sale ends Monday morning on the East Coast