01 February 2011

Test Screening

Maybe 2 weeks ago, I came to the realization that I was really getting to the point where everything about the edit was all jumbled up in my head and it had stopped making sense. I had no clarity anymore. This is pretty common. At least for me it is, so I called my good friend Josh Thomas in Pittsburgh.

Josh, some of you remember, was in my film BLANC DE BLANC. He played Matt, the character who won't shut up. But, beyond that, he was our Jack-of-all-trades on set, doing a little bit of everything. In his day job, he produces videos every week for a church outside of Pittsburgh. Anyway, I asked if he'd be willing to take a look at it and help me make a pass on the edit. He agreed, and even got his boss to let us use the church's new Final Cut suite after hours. So I loaded up the hard drive and headed for Pittsburgh.

It's amazing how much quicker you can edit when you're working with a fellow editor and not, say, a black lab who constantly wants to go outside to play fetch. We plowed through it, taking my 1:55 edit and trimming it down to a svelte 85 minutes. Then, on a whim, we decided to round up a few people to watch it. Well, Josh rounded them up and I went downtown to drink scotch.

So some people have actually seen a cut of the film. The take-away from it was that it looks beautiful and the acting is fantastic. They had some structure issues (which we knew they would) and some pacing issues (ditto), but there was nothing that jumped out and said, "oh f*ck".

We did a small video of me reacting to their reactions (ignore how terrible I look. turns out when you sit at a computer all day working and no longer walk everywhere, you put on a little weight.)