02 January 2011

Mix CD: Track 11

We have quite a lot for you, and I haven't even gotten around to doing the next video of a perk. This may take you a few minutes to get through, but there's good stuff all the way through. I promise.

A @spoxx challenge

I'll let the comment speak for itself:

OK folks...
I think we should really send this guy out on the road to see if he has the guts to follow up on his promises ;-)

So, here's the deal:

I'll put in 100 bucks for every 1000 that are on the table.

So I'll raise my pledge to...
... $ 300, once $ 3,000 are pledged;
... $ 400, once $ 4,000 are pledged;
... $ 500, once $ 5.000 are pledged;
... $ 1,200 if we reach the $12,00 goal.

It's my word!
Let's do it!

A very cool (and every generous) challenge. Naturally, now we have to make him regret it. :)


Also yesterday (talk about starting the year off with a bang), we posted the very first footage from my upcoming film UP COUNTRY. Check it out.


All of which leads us to the next song in the Mix CD. Whew.

11. ladies night (at yoshi's)
Artist: Jerome Wincek
Album: so low

Some of you will recognize Jerome. He contributed a song to GRAVIDA and did the score for BLANC DE BLANC. He's a good friend (we went to school together), but is also ridiculously talented. Like, I'm not just saying that. I wouldn't have someone score an entire film if I didn't think they were amazing.

He's also pretty prolific and if I'm not mistaken, all of his music (or nearly all) is free on Bandcamp (Yes, FREE!!!).

But about the song. I can't remember if Yoshi's is a real place or not. He lives in a rural part of PA that has a lot of bars that could be Yoshi's. But, I think he's talking about the Shamrock in Oil City, which is kind of a scary place, but the people who run it are really nice. I did my first shots of tequila there (ah...good memories). Just don't go on a major drinking holiday, like a Tuesday.

A couple of years ago I did some off the cuff music videos of Jerome and his band (he was looking for this really rough, almost home-made fan video look w/ the wild mic and everything). Check them out.