22 December 2010

Mix CD: Track 2

Yesterday, we started our road trip mix CD, because every road trip worth a damn has to have a good mix CD. We're gonna do one a day, and as much as I'd love to burn everyone a copy of the finished CD, that's kind of a copyright lawsuit waiting to happen. Of course, no one's stopping you from finding the music on your own and doing whatever you want.

2. The 50 States Song
Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Album: Various Live Recordings

There's lots of ways you can impress a hipster, but one of the best is to tout music that's never been released on a CD. They love that sort of thing. Of course, then they'll find a way to talk about how "that's so last year" or whatever.

Sufjan Stevens (who the hipsters love, by the way) once declared he was going to write an album for every state. No one really thought he would, but he's done two of them so far: Greetings from Michigan and Come On Feel the Illinoise. They're both pretty awesome. "The 50 States Song" doesn't appear on either of these albums, but Sufjan performs it live at his shows. Here it is, via YouTube:

1. "On the Road" (Jack Kerouac)