21 December 2010

Mix CD: Track 1

If you've ever been on a road trip worth a damn, you've passed the time listening to Mix CD. Of course, everyone has their favorite mixes. You know, the ones where you've listened to them so much that you no longer think of the songs in their original album context. But, I think they're a lot more fun when it's an old mix that you don't really remember. The next track is a mystery. It could be one of your favorites, or it could be a song you haven't heard in years. So...without further adieu...a Year Without Rent Mix CD

1. On the Road
Artist: Jack Kerouac
Album: Reads On The Road [track 3]

You can't imagine an American road trip without Jack Kerouac. And if you can, well, I don't know what to tell you. This track, from a spoken word album of old Kerouac home recordings. is a song Kerouac composed after staying up all night writing. To quote his introduction: "I'm just reading what I wrote all night. There are better things coming than what I wrote all night. Straight from the mind to the voice". Years later they added a haunting guitar and--voila!--magic.