28 December 2010

a Kickstarter challenge

As several people have noted, I'm probably behind the curve on showing actual footage of the actual film Up Country (although not really, but that seems to be the trend these days). It's tricky, because in pushing the A Year Without Rent Kickstarter campaign, it looks like Up Country is getting neglected, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. I'm pretty close to having a finished assembly edit. I thought I might have it done by Christmas, but life had other plans.

So...let's multi-task, shall we?

Kickstarter is a lot more fun with some smaller goals and/or challenges. So here's one:

Right now (1:45pm) we have 35 backers. If we can hit 50 backers by the end of the day (and I'll be really flexible on the definition of "end of the day"), then I'll post a rough cut of a scene from Up Country. It won't be color-corrected and the sound will be rough, but that's what a rough cut is, you know?

I'll even tell you which scene. This one:

Jonny Mars

50 backers. That's 15 more. Even if they're all $1 backers. Let's do this.