13 December 2010


Yesterday, I was accused on this blog of deleting a comment that was, well, not polite toward me as a person.

As much as I don't want to listen to people yell at me with information that's more inaccurate than accurate, I don't support censorship.

Google (and the Blogger servers) thought the post qualified as Spam and moved it to the spam folder, where I was able to recover it. It's now readable and stuff. I won't comment further on the matter, as I don't feel it warrants any discussion.

However, we have a small change. Moderation is enabled on comments. I'll approve everything that's signed with a real name. If you're unwilling to put your name behind your thoughts, I see no reason why I should give you free reign to tarnish mine or anyone else's.

If you have a problem with this...well...I don't give a fuck.