27 November 2010

BLANC DE BLANC on Tripline

If you've been paying attention, you'll notice there's been an uptick in activity around my first feature, Blanc de Blanc. Part of this is just the natural cycle of things, but a big reason is that we've (finally) got the audio commentary done, which was the big hurdle in getting the DVDs made and out the door. It involved getting several people in the same room, all of whom are currently based in different cities. We're hoping, fingers crossed, to have the DVD done by the end of the year.

But, also we got a nice bit of news when Pittsburgh/LA producer Jess Pollack of Bridge City Films was nice enough to tweet that Blanc was the "best pic of 2010". We think maybe she was drunk, but we'll take it.

Also, we're working on this still, but take a minute and check it out. The great folks at Tripline have made this super cool map tool, which we're using to give audiences an opportunity to explore the world of our film. Plus, now you can see where those cool locations actually are.

The benefits for filmmakers are, well, obvious.

Hint: you might want to make it bigger