26 October 2010


In working on Up Country, one of the things we take seriously is the idea that the backers are partners with us, in a way. Without their support, the film would never have happened. We think of them as part of the crew. So, when we were working on wardrobe for the film, it occurred to me that our main character would very likely be wearing a t-shirt for most of the film, and what would be better than getting a small t-shirt business to use our film to advertise their wares? They get free advertisement. We get free wardrobe that we don't have to worry about clearing. Win-win.

Well, as luck would have it, one of our backers runs a t-shirt company, so I emailed him and rather than just grab a shirt off the rack, he took the initiative and designed a new one (I told you our backers were the best), based on the descriptions we gave him of the character and what sort of shirt he might wear.

So...for the first time anywhere....we give you Pandaphones
Adam Woods (that's the backer's name) gave us a couple of these (helps with continuity) and man they took a beating. But, you know what? They performed beautifully. Kieran Roberts went on and on about how comfortable they were. We actually had trouble getting them to stay dirty, which is a good quality to have in a shirt.

And now, they're available for you to purchase from Dotted Line Shirts:


Just think of how cool you'll feel wearing this shirt on your next trip through the woods. Hopefully it, um, goes better for you than it did for our main character. If you were one of the backers, you had a chance to get this on the cheap, but they're still a hell of a good deal. So go, buy a t-shirt! Be the first in your town to have one!


Also, we're now revealing the first couple of stills from the film, unveiled with the shirt because, you know, they include the shirt. Keep in mind that these are raw images that haven't been color corrected in any way yet.

**It's harder than you think to pick these. You don't want to give too much away too soon, but you still want to be evocative of the film itself.**

Left to Right: Kieran Roberts, Jonny Mars, and Tyler Peck

Tyler Peck (unhappy)

kieran inside camp
Kieran Roberts investigates

back to back
Jonny Mars and Kieran Roberts

Kieran water from tree
Kieran Roberts (thirsty)

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