03 October 2010

Person of Interest

Right off the bat, I'll admit that I haven't yet seen Gregory Bayne's Person of Interest, but not for lack of opportunity or interest. Mostly just laziness.

But, I'm as much of a fan as one could be of a film they've not seen. I follow the progress as closely as I can, I gave money to the Kickstarter campaign, I have the DVD, I wear the POI shirt proudly around town. Hell, I even tried to sneak a POI plug into Up Country, but it didn't work out (mostly because I left that shirt behind when we drove to the location).

So...here's another opportunity to plug the film.

Greg, who you really should be following on Twitter, has made the film available for free on the new site Vodo.net. What's Vodo? I'm not really sure, but I think it's some sort of file sharing site that encourages people to sponsor the artists. Because, really, that 'stache isn't going to maintain itself. That sort of thing costs money.

Go to Vodo. Download POI. Check it out. Etc. You won't regret it. Well...you might, but it won't cost you anything.