24 September 2010

The first image

I've been sorting through the footage, which looks fantastic, and finding it's really hard to not run around showing it to everyone. And, really, I can't take it anymore, so I'm deviating from my schedule and putting out 1 image now.

What is that schedule, you ask? Well....

We've learned that my trusty computer, the one that's edited nearly all of my films (including the also-shot-in-HD Blanc de Blanc), can't handle the footage. Like, the processor isn't fast enough. And while I like to tell people that's because the computer just can't handle how awesome the footage is, it really has something to do with Codecs and other things I don't really understand. So what I've done is take about 1/5th of the footage and down-converted it to something much easier on my computer, and I'll use that to start sorting through the footage and come up with a teaser for you guys to watch. Why only 1/5th? Well, because that took 36 hours of processing time. Yikes.

And because we accidentally forgot to make a $4k movie while we were up there, our goals for it have changed some. That may require we go looking for finishing funds for things like professional color grading. We'll see.

We're actually $158 UNDER budget, which is amazing. So we can definitely finish, but our job is to make the best film we can make. The people who worked on it deserve that, and our generous backers deserve that.

Oh, and one thing you should definitely read are some thoughts of the shoot from our wonderful Director of Photography Dustin Pearlman.

And now, what you've been waiting for....The first image:

Up Country Still
Love that depth of field.