30 August 2010

Your stuff here

Part of making a film is, obviously, wardrobe. And while I have a lot of really cool shirt, I don't have that many. But it occurred to me that we have a film where a few choice articles of clothing will be in virtually every scene (and some less so), so it's a perfect opportunity for some ambitious maker of t-shirts to promote their wares. We like helping people promote stuff.

So, if you fit that description, email me: lmcnelly[at]gmail.com (put "T-Shirt" in the subject line). We'll make decisions on how they best fit the characters and the story. Other than that, all we need is for the shirts we pick to send us 2 of them (so we have a back-up) in time for our start date. So...let's say they need to be here the 7th, just to be safe.

You get to have your stuff in a kick-ass movie, and we get a kick-ass shirt in our movie without having to worry about rights issues. Everyone wins.