10 August 2010

Help: DP needed

So some of you may have heard that we're scrambling a bit on Up Country. Our very talented DP has had to drop out for one simple reason: he's not allowed in the country, and not in the way that Roman Polanski isn't allowed in the country. He's having visa issues. Simple, but hard to get around, even for indie filmmakers like ourselves who refuse to take "no" for an answer.

And now we need a DP. Think of this as a crew call to arms. The details:

+ We have a budget via Kickstarter of just over $4k. That's not a lot of money, but we can cover travel costs. Plus, there's back-end money involved, but unlike most micro budget films, if we can stay under budget, we break even. We don't need to pay that money back. So...things would have to go really terribly awful for there not not be at least some back-end money.

+ It's a micro-budget film, but a micro-budget film with a pretty impressive list of backers. This isn't one of those projects where your work will never see the light of day. On the contrary, it might be one of the more high profile sub-$5k films you could hope to work on.

+ We have a 7-day shoot in September. We have 2 windows of dates: Sept 1-10 & Sept 13-23.

+ We're filming in the northern reaches of Maine, up by Canada, in the middle of nowhere. We will have almost no electricity. There may be some camping involved.

+ I'm 99% sure there's lobster involved.

+ We're shooting on the 7D.

+ My last film, Blanc de Blanc was shot in 4.5 days for $970. Critics loved it. Audiences loved it. It ran for a week in a multiplex where it out-grossed 60% of the Hollywood films running that week. One night we out-grossed the #1 film in the country.

+ I can send you the script as needed. We're working off a script/outline hybrid, but the basic story is this: 3 people hire a Maine guide to take them on a fishing trip. The guide leads them out to the middle of nowhere and steals all their gear, leaving them lost and alone. Things get worse from there. Less Deliverance and more Hitchcock meets Malick.

Interested? Want more info? Email me: lmcnelly[at]gmail.com.

At minimum, we'll post the reels of everyone who contacts us, which will get you a little extra exposure. And we may even narrow it down to 2 people and have a good old fashioned fan vote.