06 July 2010

Our Wonderful Backers (1-5)

There's a thing on Twitter called Follow Friday. Basically, you present a list of people that you recommend other people follow. It's a pretty popular idea and it makes everyone feel good. So with that in mind, I figure the least we can do for our wonderful Kickstarter backers is to give them a variant of the Follow Friday plug. So here they are, in order (well, some of them):

1. Sean Gillane (@sgillane): writer/director of the upcoming film The Annual. An all-around nice guy. The Annual was going to be in Indies for Indies, but we didn't survive that long.

The Annual Trailer from Sean Gillane on Vimeo.

2. Mathieu Ravier (@mattriviera): I've known Mathieu for a long time as the critic behind Last Night with Riviera (check out his "A Life in 100 Films Series). He's a French guy in Sydney and the primary force behind Kino Sydney and a number of other projects.

3. David Lowery (@davidlowery): David Lowery, who I met through his blog Drifting, is the talented director behind St. Nick, as well as the fantastic shorts A Catalog of Anticipations and Some Analog Lines.

Some Analog Lines from David Lowery on Vimeo.

4. Aaron Tainter (@atainter): I've known Aaron for years. We went to high school together, played on the same basketball teams, and even won a state title together. He lives in Pittsburgh now, which is strange, and is way ahead of the technology curve. He's also in my fantasy baseball league, which means a couple times a year, I hate him.

5. Brian Spaeth (@brianspaeth): Filmmaker and former NBA blogger (if I remember correctly), who will be heartbroken if/when LeBron James leaves Cleveland. He directed (EDIT: wrote & acted in) the film Who Shot Mamba, which featured a performance by Bill Walton. Yes, Bill Walton. As a Celtics fan, I'm obligated to point out that Walton won a title in Boston in 1986.

Stay tuned for the rest of our backers! And, as always, you can join them!