27 July 2010

Little known fact

Our old friends already know this (or, they might have an idea), but Up Country is not the first film I've made in the North Maine woods. Hell, it isn't even the second one (although the second one was a documentary that never really got released due to factors out of our control, but that's a story for a different day).

So sit back and enjoy the accidental verite film guard duty, in which two very intelligent people boil potatoes. They're standing in one of the Up Country locations, so this is also a bit of a sneak peak.

This is also the only film of mine I still show people that isn't on my IMDb page. Come on IMDb, get with the program.

I think I shot this on a Hi8 camera, or something. I don't remember. It wasn't my camera. It was, however, a finalist for some contest.