12 July 2010

5 of the Greatest People in the World, Part 9

There's a thing on Twitter called Follow Friday. Basically, you present a list of people that you recommend other people follow. It's a pretty popular idea and it makes everyone feel good. So with that in mind, I figure the least we can do for our wonderful Kickstarter backers is to give them a variant of the Follow Friday plug. So here they are, in order (well, some of them):

41. Michael Parent: Michael is one of my Facebook friends, which as we all know, is a bond stronger than blood. He lives in Quebec City (where I once had a great vacation as a kid) and as someone who's favorite quote comes from Truffaut ("Film lovers are sick people") is clearly a man with whom I have much in common. His employer is listed in French, so I have no idea who that might be (or if it's even relevant), even though I once made a film entirely in French.

42. Kent M. Beeson (@Kza): Kent is a fellow Muriel voter and author of the fantastically titled blog The Kent M. Beeson of Western Civilization. I'd write more, but I doubt I'll top his self-penned bio, so here it is:

Kent M. Beeson has three kids. Three kids! Jesus! How the hell did that happen? Biology's a weird, weird thing, man. If you told him ten years ago that he'd have three kids, he would've thought you must've meant like robot kids or something, you know, life-size tamagotchis, shit like that. But no, these are the real deal, flesh, blood, all of it. And he knows they're his, too, 'cause where else would they get those fat cheeks and stubby noses? Man, DNA's a bitch. Anyway, when he isn't busy raising his three non-robotic progeny, Kent sometimes squeezes in some writing, usually some fiction, but he's just as likely to simply pass out.

43. Caroline Shaw (@amomslove): Caroline Shaw, mother of actress Rachel Shaw, is one of our most ardent supporters, always volunteering to help spread the word either via social media or help in writing a press release or whatever else comes to mind. Her husband Bernie has been known to drive and pick up rental equipment when no one else could and I once borrowed his van for the gravida shoot, after which I hit a deer at 2am after a 18-hour shoot. That was a long day. Caroline is the voice behind A Mom's Love, a "monthly online magazine chock-full of insightful articles for busy mothers." Check it out!

44. Laura (@quadraticmedia): Ok, I'm doing a little deductive reasoning here. Based on the timing of the Kickstarter email and a tweet in support of the project, I think Laura is the Laura K. of Quadratic Media. Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about them, but they have a pretty cool webpage. So let's pull from that webpage. QM is billed as "a creative culture label for ambitious ideas. A multi-disciplinary media lab, we produce, curate, and distribute content for culture hungry audiences." Our Laura would then be Laura Kleger, who according to LinkedIn, works at the Guggenheim. Wow. As we say up here in Maine, she seems to be right wicked smaht, ayuh. She also is a producer on The Discoverers, a reenactment comedy. Check out the teaser.

The Discoverers | An indie film coming soon from Quadratic Media on Vimeo.

45. Rich Engel: Rich is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Pittsburgh Filmmakers, a school for the digital arts that also runs three of the art house theaters in Pittsburgh. He's also the point man for the Three Rivers Film Festival (now taking submissions for shorts), the largest festival in Pittsburgh. They programed gravida in 2007, where it was in the shorts competition. He also has a blog, which he updates sporadically.

Stay tuned for the rest of our backers! And, as always, you can join them!