22 July 2010

5 of the Greatest People in the World, Part 17

There's a thing on Twitter called Follow Friday. Basically, you present a list of people that you recommend other people follow. It's a pretty popular idea and it makes everyone feel good. So with that in mind, I figure the least we can do for our wonderful Kickstarter backers is to give them a variant of the Follow Friday plug. So here they are, in order (well, some of them):

81. Shannon Black (@loreleileigh): Shannon pens the blog Chain of Gratuitous Episodes, a mostly film and television blog written from the heart of the Bible Belt (that poor, poor soul). And not just the normal Bible Belt, but Mississippi, which doubly scary. Shannon is big on the whole Oscar prediction game, and while we may not agree on Inglourious Bastards, anyone who singles out Colin Firth's performance in A Single Man as the best of the year clearly knows their stuff (although I guess she could just be a big Colin Firth fan). Shannon was very helpful in getting the word out about the campaign via the Twitter, and that makes her doubly awesome.

82. Leilani Holmes (@momentsoffilm): Leilani's directorial debut Death of the Dinosaurs was nominated for a British Independent Film Award in 2006, and her second film, Transference is due later this year. Leilani, primarily an actress who's studied on both sides of the pond, blogs over at Moments of Film where she found, much like I did, that Whatever Works was much more enjoyable than she feared it might be. Myself I think it has a lot to do with Larry David, but then again I'm a huge Larry David fan.

83. Sharlynn Verner (@farbeyondfrail): Shar spends her time these days in Kansas City as the better-looking half of the hit band far beyond frail. Their new EP Wonder is available at the Radiohead-styled "name your own price" thing (come on, don't be cheap) and you can find pretty much all their music on iTunes. I know Shar from way back in the day when we went to college together and she dated my friend Steve. Her family was from the area and a bunch of us used to go to their house for epic movie marathons, the most memorable of which was the Shaquille O'Neal marathon. A few brave souls actually stayed up all night watching, in order, Good Burger, Kazaam, Steel, and Blue Chips. I know what you're thinking: that sounds awful. It wasn't. It was much, much worse.

84. Sarah James (@ScareSarah): Sarah runs the UK based horror blog Scare Sarah, which writes about a ton of movies that have way too much blood for me to watch without getting sick. Have I mentioned that I have a weak stomach? I do. But speaking of blood, Sarah runs some kick-ass contests where her readers can win cool shit like this mug and this so very awesome mug from The Shining, which I must have. I simply must.

85. Dean Brandt (@dreamingant): Dean runs Dreaming Ant, which is without a doubt Pittsburgh's premiere DVD rental store. And since it's a DVD rental place and everyone knows that the coolest thing about the rental store is the staff picks, check out Dean's list, which is perhaps the longest staff pick list in the history of rental stores. No seriously, it's insane. And to give you an idea of Dreaming Ant's awesomeness, their all-time top rental? City of God. I know, right? So if you're in the Bloomfield area, stop by. Tell them I sent you.

Stay tuned for the rest of our backers! And, as always, you can still become a backer and get the same rewards as our other backers. Just click on the "Donate" button below and PayPal will take care of the rest.


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