15 July 2010

5 of the Greatest People in the World, Part 15

There's a thing on Twitter called Follow Friday. Basically, you present a list of people that you recommend other people follow. It's a pretty popular idea and it makes everyone feel good. So with that in mind, I figure the least we can do for our wonderful Kickstarter backers is to give them a variant of the Follow Friday plug. So here they are, in order (well, some of them):

71. Jessica Fenlon (@drawclose): Jessica is a filmmaker and artist based in Pittsburgh. She's one of those artists who seems to do a little bit of everything, and I'm continually surprised by her range. She's on the board of Pittsburgh Filmmakers and writes for The New Yinzer, among other places. But really the best way to explain Jessica's work is to quote her:

The content of her work moves between two axis: the manual for wayward angels, material sourced in the joy of making and the wonder of strange imagination; and the poetics of annihilation, work produced in an attempt to reconcile the viewer with contemporary cultural trauma or some other difficulty of human history.

To see her film work in action, check out her entry in Public Domain Private Dominion, a found footage screening series that employs public domain works.

72. Jason Kirsch: You probably recognize Jason as the lead in Blanc de Blanc and he, of course, was fantastic. It was a small bit of luck that led us to him. We were on a pretty strict timeline and Jason was temporarily out of work, as the restaurant where he worked was undergoing renovations. He managed to swing us the part of the restaurant that was intact for a location and worked his ass off during shooting. I'd recommend casting him in a nanosecond. When the restaurant re-opened, it was re-named Plum and Jason got a promotion. So now he's super busy. But he makes one hell of a martini.

73. Chris Duranko (@duranko1332: I met Chris when he worked at the old Hollywood Theater and discovered that he also worked where I worked, which was odd, because I'd never seen him before. Of course, they did kind of keep me in the corner, away from other people, so maybe it isn't so odd. Chris is an up-and-coming, recently graduated film student. His website is still under construction, but until then, check out his reel:

74. Jaime N. Christley (@j_christley): Jaime writes for The House Next Door and Out, Damned Spot! among a number of other places. He's also the man behind Unexamined Essentials, a site that serves as "a directory of all of the films you should see, that you need to see if you claim to be a cinephile, a movie buff, a lover of the art form, etc., minus the films you likely already know about, i.e. 'the consensus classics.'" So, basically, a list of all the films you should see that you maybe haven't already. Pretty cool, no?

75. Kristine Young (@krismaggieyoung): Kris Young, a.k.a. Kris Werner, is an old friend from college. She and her brother Roland (who was in a lot of my classes) hail from Rochester. She has a healthy obsession with music, so it's little surprise that she married Dave Young, guitar virtuoso and sound genius. Together, they're the driving force behind Widget Studios, a Philly-based production company that turns our raw audio into gold. Back in 2007, I did some video work for them and managed to come down with a nasty case of strep throat, bad enough that I couldn't swallow for 3 days. Kris made me soup and forced me to drink vitamin C and insisted we go to the doctor. And because I'm a glutton for punishment, I kept editing. But if Kris and Dave hadn't forced me to see a doctor, well, I don't want to think about how badly that could have gone.

Stay tuned for the rest of our backers! And, as always, you can join them!