14 July 2010

5 of the Greatest People in the World, Part 12

There's a thing on Twitter called Follow Friday. Basically, you present a list of people that you recommend other people follow. It's a pretty popular idea and it makes everyone feel good. So with that in mind, I figure the least we can do for our wonderful Kickstarter backers is to give them a variant of the Follow Friday plug. So here they are, in order (well, some of them):

56. Kevin Goldstein (@Kevin_Goldstein): I'm in this hyper-competitive fantasy baseball league where each of the 16 teams has a 20 player minor league squad and we've gone to the trouble in installing a rule against drafting players still in high school. I used to have a lot of time to research prospects, but now I don't so much anymore, which is where Kevin comes in. Kevin is the prospect guru over at Baseball Prospectus, the ultimate destination for a hardcore baseball fan like myself. He was pretty much the first guy to start hyping Neftali Feliz, and that worked out pretty well. He writes daily updates that are one of the first things I read in the morning. Now that I don't have so much time, I pretty much just go off of Kevin's Top 11 Prospects write-ups. And you know what? My team is a lot better for it. If you're even a casual baseball fan, you need to be reading (and subscribing to) Baseball Prospectus.

Ed. note: If you're in my fantasy baseball league, you probably should disregard that.

57. Steve Michalik: Steve and I went to college together, where he roomed with Aaron O'Neil, the guy who taught me how to edit. I spent a good number of hours in Steve's room playing Mario Kart when I should have been studying. He majored in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, which means that Steve is a whole lot smarter than I am. Facebook tells me he has 3 kids (really? 3? wow), and I know he has a strong love of NASCAR. Actually, the only way I know the NASCAR season has started is when Steve starts posting about it in my news feed.

58. blim8183 (@benlim): Ben Lim lives in Brooklyn where he writes the film blog Lucid Screening. He's a pretty hard-core soccer fan, which means he's been camped out in front of a TV for the last month, but that's to be expected. Ben directed the short film Gas, which played at STIFF, but other than that, I can't seem to find anything about it. Really, though, to summarize Ben, you really need to read Stages of a Cinephile. It's awesome.

EDIT: Gas has been found. I must be getting tired if I managed to miss a vimeo page.

Gas from Benjamin Lim on Vimeo.

59. Simon Abrams @simonsaybrams): Simon is a film critic for The L Magazine, The New York Press, and Slant Magazine. I know. Impressive, right? Like all awesome people who write about film, Simon is one of the illustrious Muriel Award voters. He did name Ravenous the best film of 1999, which means that on some level, he's crazy.

60. Brian Covey (@dv0rak: Brian comes to us via Kent Beeson's Twitter telethon. He works at the Omni Group, where they make productivity apps for the iPhone and iPad. Other than that, I don't really know much about him, so here's his bio:

Brian is something of an anomaly amongst the members of The Omni Group, since he didn't enter college until well after he could legally operate a motor vehicle, thinks that Portland is still far cooler than Seattle, and believes that Babylon 5, not Star Wars, is the definitive science fiction work of the latter half of the twentieth century. (Firefly, of course, is the first great work of the twenty-first, though Battlestar Galactica was comin' on strong for a season or two.) These deadly secrets will undoubtedly destroy him should they ever be discovered, so guard them well, my friend.

Stay tuned for the rest of our backers! And, as always, you can join them!