31 March 2010

28 March 2010

Review in advance of Annapolis screening

All the key info for Annapolis can be found on this archive of the Pretentious Film Society's mailing list., but here's the key parts:

The Latin Quarter
It's expected to sell out, so call to reserve your tickets: 410.280.0176

And here's the glowing writeup from series creator Pericles Lewnes

This months screening -- BLANC DE BLANC -- was not only "found" on TWITTER, it was "born" on TWITTER.

I watched this all unfold...

Last year, three filmmakers decided they would challenge themselves by attempting to make an entire feature film in two weeks! I was actually invited to participate, but my sanity prevailed.

I tried to follow along, as they made their films but in the midst of trying to juggle the chores of the APFS, and work, I sort of lost track of it all.

I ran into one of the filmmakers, Lucas McNelly (Who I was already following) one day while trundling around on TWITTER and I asked him if I could see his "two week film," BLANC DE BLANC. He immediately sent me a private tweet with a download of the entire movie.

I sat and watched the entire movie at my computer (which I never do) but it was magnetic. I was stunned by the beauty of the filmmaking and the substance of the story. BLANC DE BLANC was very much an art film that somehow toed the line between being esoteric, yet accessible.

It can best be described as a "mysterious romance," but BLANC DE BLANC transcends genre labels and elbows it's way into a rarefied class of Indie Film that is pleasantly thought provoking and meticulously hand made for a smart audience by a brilliantly talented director.

With BLANC DE BLANC, there is FUN to be had and riddles to be solved -- and remember, this feature was made in two weeks and SHOT in only 4.5 days!

Best of all, the madman who pulled it off, director Lucas McNelly will be coming to Annapolis from Pittsburgh to participate in an post-screening Q & A.

So there you go.

16 March 2010

BLANC Trailer, etc

So Blanc de Blanc is going to be playing in ye olde Maryland later this month (stay tuned for details), but for now, I've got a trailer cut. Is it the greatest trailer in the world? No. But, it gets the job done.

04 March 2010

01 March 2010

WHALE trailer

A little bit of branding at play here. We're already going to show the trailers on the big screen with the branding, so I figure why not do it on the web too (assuming the filmmakers are cool with it)?

Official WHALE webpage

Maybe this gets a few more people in the seats at Indies for Indies, but it might also help the filmmakers sell a few DVDs to people outside the city, to people around the country who are intrigued by the series. Or maybe not, but it can't hurt to try, right?