09 February 2010

On your iPhone

You'll see on the sidebar that we're now selling a digital copy of Blanc de Blanc for the low, low price of $5. It's a really good deal. Honest. Plus, it comes with a copy for the iPhone.

And since a couple people have asked how we got an iPhone copy, I thought I'd throw in 2 cents. Basically, Compressor has a setting for the LAN download. I tweaked that a little bit to get a higher video quality. The file came to ~880MB.

The iPhone file is a different file, and since I didn't see a Compressor setting, I ran it through a QuickTime Pro conversion. There's 2 iPhone settings there, and I obviously took the bigger one. If someone knows whether or not that same file will work on other smartphones, let me know

Then, we just use PayPal and we're manually emailing links to people so they can download at their convenience. They can then easily import the file into their iTunes and viola, the film is on their iPhone.

Digital Copy for iTunes & iPhone ($5)

The video quality is good, but not so good that it'll replace the quality of the DVD. We're talking like something in the range of 620 pixels wide. Still, it looks good in QuickTime and it's a easy and affordable way for people to be able to see the film in the comfort of their own home.