30 December 2009

new series of articles by yours truly

So I've gotten a lot of questions lately about the whole #2wkfilm process, so I've decided it would probably just be best to write it all down. Ergo, I'll be writing a new series (well, a mini-series) for Blogcritics titled "How to Make a Feature-Length Film in Two Weeks" (they changed my original title: how to make a feature-length film in 2 weeks without losing your sanity (or your girlfriend). go figure).

It'll cover the process, from start to finish. Part 1 is up now.

For the last couple of years, there have been countless articles written about how the new digital revolution will grease the wheels of film production, how your phone will allow you to make a movie on your way to work, edit it over your lunch break, and then have it broadcast to the world by the time you get home. Before you know it, Hollywood will come calling with millions of dollars and a three-picture deal. And while that sounds good in abstract (and makes for a really good subject of an article), anyone who's ever made a film knows that it just isn't that easy. The smallest film you've ever seen has about a thousand moving parts, all of them subject to breaking down at any given moment. So while greasing the wheels is nice, it's only a fraction of the process.

If you're like a lot of filmmakers, working out of pocket or with no budget at all, this is just an open invitation for a project to fall apart. And most of the time, that's what happens. A filmmaker can spend years trying to get a modest production off the ground, to no avail.

This is super frustrating.

Stay tuned for the rest.