18 December 2009

handicapping BLANC DE BLANC

Jonathan Pacheco with a rather long essay on the difficulty in fairly judging a film like Blanc de Blanc, that pretty clearly needs to be judged on a curve:

Completing a feature film is a small miracle in itself; doing most of it within a two week span is that much more impressive. The challenge serves as a way to get the filmmaker to let go of excuses and just make a feature film. There’s no time to second-guess yourself and no time to allow your project to fall into any sort of limbo. There’s also no time to fix, to edit, or to retool your film. If something doesn’t feel right while shooting or cutting—tough. You’ve got a feature to plow through. I imagine that the majority of the shooting and editing takes on a run-and-gun style just to get the darn thing completed. [1] To say the least, there will never be a #2wkfilm Avatar.

It's overall a positive review with constructive feedback (I think). The interesting part (to me) is that Jonathan's favorite scene is the one I'd most like to cut, if I could.

Go figure.

Read the full thing here