02 November 2009


I don't tend to get into politics all that much here, even if my political views aren't exactly a secret.

But, because I'm from Maine, there's a sizable number of readers from there. As you may have heard, Maine is voting to overturn a civil rights bill tomorrow. There's quite a lot of support for this referendum (sadly, among my own family), but if you ask me, there isn't a single valid reason to vote for it.

The civil rights bill doesn't require anyone to do anything. No one's going to make you talk to a gay person, much less marry one.

To deny someone a right that you freely hold is not only un-American, it violates the Constitution.

Regardless of what you may have heard, there's no chance the Jesus portrayed in Matthew would ever, for one second, support this type of discrimination. Never. To suggest otherwise, is to misrepresent everything Jesus stands for. It's sickening.

Really, it has nothing to do with you and what you may or may believe. It's about denying the rights of your fellow citizens. Your religious views have nothing to do with what should be the law of the land. Nothing. If you think otherwise, you desperately need to take a civics class.

Do the right thing. Think of someone other than yourself.