21 October 2009

great, you got it, now earn it.

There's a really great article up at MovieMaker on how to maximize your return at a film festival.

During every festival, one or two movies emerge as “it” films with a life and buzz all their own, and it’s usually not the token star vehicles which open and close the event. Want your indie to be an “it” film? Then make sure you do the following:

Why, yes, I'd love for Blanc de Blanc to be that film. I'm glad you asked.

Basically, it confirms what I've long said: no one cares about your movie as much as you do, so no one's going to sell it better than you can. Hell, chances are no one's gonna promote it at all if you don't. Long gone are the days where you can just be an artist who doesn't think about promotion. If you're not pushing your film, it'll die on the vine.

16 October 2009