13 June 2009

It Came From Yesterday (a local film)

To prove that there's actually more to Pittsburgh these days than hockey and zombies, we have news today that Jeff Waltrowski has uploaded the teaser to his long-in-development It Came From Yesterday, which essentially looks like Sky Captain, minus Jude Law and all the shitty parts (i.e. all of it).

I've not seen the entire film, but I have seen some of it, and Jeff was kind enough to rent us his camera at a fraction of the going rate so we could complete Blanc de Blanc. Even without that, I have high hopes for this film, based mostly on the previous work I've seen from them, namely Steve Tolin's effects abilities and Jeff's work as a DP on Rue Snider's short The Bar is a Beautiful Place[1].

Anyway, there's not yet an embedded version, but here's a link. Go, check it out.


[1] A film in which I played a creepy drunk guy.