27 May 2009

24 May 2009

#2wkfilm wrapped

We're done. Finished.

Well, not really, but we kind of have to stop or we won't be able to turn in a finished film.

We had a sound crisis on the second weekend, so we're almost going to have to ADR stuff before sending it to festivals and stuff.

The biggest thing you lose doing this (besides sleep) is those little things to connect the dots: establishing shots, transitions, things like that. There simply isn't time.

23 May 2009

22 May 2009

20 May 2009

17 May 2009

12 May 2009

someone call imdb

We have a working title:

From God's Eyes

We don't have a finished script, but we do have a working title.

Also, look for production updates from @whitebellykitty

10 May 2009

08 May 2009

07 May 2009


I always wanted to be one of the Links of the Day

In related news, today I did an interview with a local paper for #2wkfilm. It probably won't run for a bit. I think they want to take photos of the production.

06 May 2009

04 May 2009

03 May 2009