24 April 2009

Introducing, the 2 week Twitter film

Wednesday--this Wednesday--what started as a joke between a couple of filmmakers on Twitter turned into a challenge: make a feature-length film in two weeks. Yes, two weeks. And I know what you're thinking, that's an insane idea. True, but that's exactly why it's a great one.

You spend two weeks in hell making a film that no one expects to be any good at all. And if you can clear that hurdle and make something people actually want to see, you've got a film that you can say, "We made this in two weeks on a Twitter challenge". That's a pretty good promotional hook, don't you think? There's festivals that would love to show a film like that.

And if it's terrible? Oh well. I doubt anyone will hold that against us.

The rules (such as they are): feature-length (60+ min), have 2 weeks from start of filming to fine cut (but not final cut, so we can color correct and whatever before sending to festivals), and it must be done by the end of May.

Reid Gershbein has put up a FAQ you can read.

I'll be posting updates on Twitter (@lmcnelly), and there's a Twitter tag (#2wkfilm), and I'll post longer updates on this blog. So far there's anywhere from 2-5 filmmakers from around the country (actually, one's in the UK) considering this, so it's not just me being crazy.

So we're going to give it a shot. Currently we have no script (but an interesting premise), and a handful of people have said they'll help, schedules permitting. Normally, I wouldn't tell you guys about a film this early in the process, as there's too many ways it could go wrong, but we're on such a tight schedule, that I feel like I kind of have to.

Let's say you want to help with this insanity. Here's what you can do: if you have any artistic ability you want to lend us, that'd be awesome. Currently I'm figuring out who's willing and able and what they can do and using that to decide what, exactly, we're going to do.

So I think that's it. I'm going to be in a US Territory next week, but AT&T tells me my phone will work just the same down there, so I should be sort of kind of reachable, maybe.

Get excited. Good or bad this will be fun.


Moviezzz said...

Good luck! Sounds interesting.