22 March 2009

on my iPod: Norfolk & Western

Thanks to Pandora, I've been listening to a lot of Norfolk & Western, a band that I'm told is affiliated with the Decemberists (also apparently a Pandora favorite). The band is pretty fantastic, but this video...well...isn't.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the edits, to the shot selection, composition, or anything really. It's almost as if they just set up a bunch of cameras, let them run, then put some iMovie effects on the whole thing.

Here's the lyrics, according to Lyricsmania.com:

i was the one
the favorite son-in-law
i was on track
to be behind the desk

and i could pretend
i'd be the only one
to solve the new
energy crisis

and i could report the facts
and tell them all to relax
everyone's so in love
with the trends
even though we know
we're trading in euro's
i can assume the law
is on our side

well all of the great artists are dead for sure
it's entertainment for all and that's all we want
though we all know this is a gilded age
the new king's court is in your home

we can't deny the trends
there's nothing to defend
ignore your neighbors
on all sides
i won't watch the wars
it's easy to ignore
as long as i am still
the favorite son-in-law

So with that, the best idea they had was to put everyone on a stage and just film it? Really? There's a ton of potential imagery in a song like this, and while it'd be a mistake to try and capture all of it, you could at least pick one of the themes and run with it. Like, say, the media aspect of it. The new king's court is in your home. At least put them in a living room or something. At least try to make a good video.

This, this is just a shame.