20 March 2009

Obama and the Madness

Here's what I like about this:

1. There's nothing more American than paying more attention than you should to sporting events, and the NCAA tourney is one of those that everyone pays attention to. For the President to act as if he doesn't have an interest would be dishonest. Also, it would make him odd. We know he plays basketball, so of course he'll be following the tourney.

2. Clearly he knows his shit. He knows that Arizona is in largely on reputation (over the more-deserving St. Mary's), that Pitt is strong inside, that the Pac-10 is down. I know self-professed fans who don't know that much.

3. Obama's a smart-ass. He's witty. He's quick on his feet. He makes fun of the ESPN talking head. He isn't pandering, and he calls out UNC. In short, he's a real, honest-to-goodness person who just happens to be the Leader of the Free World. He also happens to be highly intelligent, which is a nice change of pace.

Anyway, that's it. The games start again in an hour. Let's see if I can't get something accomplished before then.