24 March 2009

the 00's

from Film for the Soul:

"I want to take a look at cinema from 2000 - 2009, each month focusing on a different year, obviously starting with the year 2000 and I'm looking for submissions; reviews, opinions, awards, news, anything and everything film related for each corresponding year.

I believe that not only are we looking at 10 years of cinema but also the rise of the 'casual critic', the blogsphere has given voice to thousands of on-line reviewers and I'm looking for as many of those differing voices as possible.


I'm also after overall perceptions of cinema in the year 2000; genres, actors, world cinema, you name it, if it happened in the film world then send it on over, together we can build a record of cinema these past 10 years.

Over the coming months I hope to build a resource of film in the 00's, culminating with an ultimate list of the noughties greatest films at the end of the year."

Stay tuned.