22 February 2009

Muriels Best Picture

Paul is finishing the Muriels in grand style, counting down the top films by including a blurb on every film that got a first place vote, starting with reprise, all the way down at #35.

What's so great about this is all day I've been seeing films that maybe didn't do so well in the voting, but only because not many people got a chance to see them, especially me (but really, Dennis, Speed Racer?). It's a fantastic way to fill out your Netflix queue.

Every half hour there's a new one, thereby ensuring you won't get anything done all day, and I've still got a blurb left to come, so hopefully you don't see that one for a long, long time.

Also, if I get motivated, I may write something in the next couple of days about why Wendy and Lucy is such a colossal failure of a film. But for now, enjoy The Muriels.