01 January 2009

New Year's Meme

Adam at DVD Panache has a New Year's Resolution Meme going, and while he didn't tag me, I know he won't mind if I jump on-board.

Ze rules:

1. Post a list of nine movie-related resolutions for the new year. These can be as serious or light-hearted as you want them to be, and it also gives you a topic at the end of the year to post about when you take a look back at the resolutions.

2. Tag five other people with completing this meme.

3. Link back to my blog in your post so I can keep track of how many cool people are going along with this, and also for the purpose of compiling a list of the most interesting resolutions.

So here we go...

1. See More. There's hundreds of films coming out every year and lately I've only been seeing, say, 15 of them before the year ends. That's not good. I should be seeing everything worth seeing for so many reasons, and I still haven't gotten around to seeing No Country For Old Men. Pathetic.

2. Read More (Part I). See all those links on the sidebar? Those are all really great film blogs that I used to read every day. Now I read them every 2 weeks or so. I can do better.

3. Read More (Part II). There's also piles and piles of books in my office, both film and novels, that I've been meaning to read for forever.

4. Make a Short. Something small and cheap and fun that I can send around to a couple festivals as a reminder that I still exist.

5. Finish the Script. There's a script on my desk that's been 90% done for 6 months. I don't hate it. There's people waiting to read it who could help it get made, yet I can't seem to finish it. If I had a therapist, he might say that's a problem built out of fear. He might be right.

6. Go to a Festival. Specifically, a festival I'm not in. I want to go there and get a festival pass and do nothing but sit in the dark for a couple days. I wanted to go back to Festivus this year, but that's not gonna happen, sadly.

7. Post More. That kind of speaks for itself, but a couple days ago some website quoted one of my old reviews. When I read it, I thought to myself, "I don't know if I could write that review today."

8. Finish Berlin Alexanderplatz. Just because I should.

9. Finish a list I've already started. Oh hey, look. Nice.

As for tagging...well...if you're reading this, tag yourself.


Adam Ross said...

You bastard! Delete this post at once, you weren't tagged! Actually, thanks for posting this, and good luck with "Berlin Alexanderplatz," how many hours do you have left?

lucas mcnelly said...

almost all of them.

David Lowery said...

Get thyself to SXSW in March!