13 August 2008

me vs. me

I conspire against myself sometimes.

I have a screenplay I'm mostly happy with (the exception being the first 7 pages, which need a total re-do) and people who want to read it and momentum and everything you'd think one would need to be motivated.

And I can't seem to find it. I will, though...eventually.

So this post isn't a total waste, I was featured in yesterday's Pittsburgh Trib PM, which is a local free paper thing that all the cool kids read. The interview is nice and everything, but it seems much cooler in the actual paper, since the article is a half-page and everything:

What does this accomplish, exactly? Well, the theory is that every amount of press we can get right now makes things that much easier when the screenplay is ready to start shooting. More doors get opened if people know who you are, or if you've been vetted by the local media.

That's the theory, at least.