10 July 2008


Some info on the Now Film Festival finals, via their MySpace page (more comments after the italics):

After receiving over HALF A MILLION votes on MySpace, our top 5 short films (Summer Breeze, My Name Is Lisa, gravida (that's us), Dawn Chorus, and Missing Pieces) have moved on to the final round. After the films are screened the industry only audience will decide which filmmaker receives a brand new High Definition Camera, courtesy of Now Casting Inc.

ABOUT THE FILM FESTIVAL: Voted as Part of the 2008 Movie Maker Magazine's 25 Film Festivals Worth Entering, The Now Film Festival is the world's largest on-line film festival. Every week for 25 weeks we have featured thought provoking short films on the front page of MySpace to millions of viewers. The final five films have gone on to Sundance ,Cannes, and even win the YouTube Filmmaker of the Year Award.

We leave the final decision of the "Best of the Best" to the industry.

We would love to have you, the future of the industry, in attendance as we complete this amazing year. Tickets are free, however seating is limited so RSVP as soon as possible.

Time : Tue July 15, 2008
Doors Open : 7:30 PM
Screening Begins : 8:15 PM

Q&A to follow

Sony Picture Studios
10202 W. Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA. 90232.

TO RSVP : e-mail RSVP@nowfilmfestival.com (tickets are free)
Please include name, affiliation, and how many people will be

Rachel Shaw and I will both be there to represent everyone's favorite feel-good film about loneliness, so expect a report when we get back. Do we expect to win? Nope. Do we have a chance? I guess so. It all depends on what the people there think. So...if you're in the area, get yourself some tickets and join the fun.


Frankita said...

good luck. have fun. yes, report back!

andyhorbal said...

Good luck!

lucas mcnelly said...

thanks frankie and andy