19 July 2008

hanging chads

So at long last, we have results. There's a fuller, richer report to follow, but here's the results:

The winner of the 3rd Annual Now Film Festival is "Missing Pieces" (the Rainn Wilson film). This is not so surprising.

But wait, there's more.

In second place, a mere one (yes, one) vote behind is "gravida", everyone's favorite film about loneliness.

A little number crunching reveals that "Missing Pieces" had 4 of their crew in the audience, while "gravida" had 2. So the industry audience actually found "gravida" to be the best film of the festival, the best film in the "largest film festival in the world"

As far as we're concerned, this is easily a win for us.


David Lowery said...

Brilliant! Too bad my return to LA wasn't earlier, I'd have loved to have been there.