22 June 2008

Getting an Oscar Nom now makes a little bit more sense

Via The New York Times

Two long-overdue rule changes for everyone's favorite award show that may or may not be meaningless:

1. No film can have more than 2 songs in the Original Song category. I've been bitching about this for years. How having 3 songs from Dreamgirls benefits anyone is beyond my comprehension, and now it won't happen anymore. Sure, it's a little too late for the "Kazakhstan National Anthem", but better late than never.

Side note: how does the Academy not nominate this song? Sure, it's a joke and shouldn't really win, but the value of having it performed at the Oscars is worth so much to a show that's been steadily losing viewers for years.

2. The other change is that now "three of the nine finalists for the foreign-language-film nomination will now be chosen by the 20-member Foreign Language Film Award Executive Committee". What this means, I assume, is that a group of 20 somewhat intelligent people will be able to step in and make sure the year's 3 best foreign language films make the cut, thereby ending the annual problem of having something like 4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile not even make the short-list.

Or, they'll somehow manage to screw it up even worse.


Ibetolis said...

At last they've seen sense. The omission of 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days was nothing short of a travesty. One of the finest films I've seen in a long time and the Oscar's simply snubbed it.

Good news all round, wouldn't want to see that happen again.