25 February 2008

the Murials and my lack of a ballot

Last year, I was more than happy to contribute to Paul Clark's inaugural Murial Awards. I'd, as usual, seen most of the necessary films (not all, mind you, because that'd be damned near impossible, but enough). But this year, when I started to fill out my ballot, I came to the realization that I hadn't seen nearly enough films. I've been kind of busy with my own film, it seems. So Paul, in his kindness, let me skip the voting part and just add my own category of 10 films worth seeing that aren't eligible (mostly because they're shorts). Also, I added some comments on some of the "important" film. Note my blurb on last night's big winner:

"I loved Javier Bardem in Before Night Falls. I haven't seen this, but the trailer looks good and my girlfriend liked it a lot."

See? How could I vote in good conscience?

You can read my entire sidebar here. Or, here's the 10 films worth seeing:

(in no particular order)

1. "Avec la Moustache" (Demitri Andrikopolous)
2. "Confusions of an Unmarried Couple" (The Butler Brothers)
3. "A Catalog of Anticipations" (David Lowery)
4. "I Love You, I'm Sorry, and I'll Never Do It Again" (Keith Snyder)
5. "Maine Story" (Nina Chernik)
6. "Cabbie" (Donlee Brussel)
7. "Partially True Tales of High Adventure!" (Murphy Gilson)
8. "Adam Taylor's Dracula" (Adam Taylor)
9. "Crooked Features" (Mike Peter Reed)
10. "Frownland" (Ronald Bronstein)

You'd have to ask Paul, but I see no reason why these films can't call themselves "Murial Award Winners".

16 February 2008

gravida on MySpace

If you have a MySpace account, show it some love.

3rd Annual Now Film Festival -Week 18 Finalist - Gravida

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Also, if you really feel like getting some good karma, you can embed this video on your blog. Let me know and I'll send you the code.

EDIT: Who's helping us out?

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15 February 2008

Hey look, we're in the paper...and on MySpace...and elsewhere...

As promised, the promotional stuff for the Now Film Festival continues. gravida is on the festival webpage for your viewing pleasure, on YouTube, where people are arguing about a pregnant woman drinking wine, and later today on MySpace Film, where we'll be the featured selection for a week.

Today brings a little bit more for your reading pleasure.

First, those of you in Pittsburgh can pick up a copy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and find us on the back page of the Mag&Movies section. Or, you can read it online here.

Also, there's an interview with yours truly about gravida in Actor's Ink, which is some sort of newsletter/publication with a circulation of roughly 70k. The interview starts with a short review that contains the note that, "With a shoestring budget and a few friends, Lucas McNelly tells a story of loneliness and uncertainty better than most of the filmmakers in Hollywood can imagine." You can read the entire interview here, including the parts where I do some name-dropping of fellow filmmakers.

Speaking of name-dropping our fellow filmmakers, our friend David Lowery has made the cut of South by Southwest, no small feat.

13 February 2008

07 February 2008

Now Film Festival


gravida has been added to the lineup of this year's Now Film Festival, which runs primarily on MySpace Film.

We're one of 25 semi-finalists, with the grand prize being a new camera package (oohh, aahh). Also, there's a screening in Hollywood for the finalists.

Which is where you, the reader/viewer comes in. At the end of the 25 weeks of semi-finalists, there's voting and the voting will determine what happens from there. So go check out the festival and then vote for gravida.

It'll be fun. I promise.

EDIT: We'll be the featured short on MySpace for a week starting on 15 Feb.

01 February 2008