06 November 2007

a self-imposed deadline

If there's one thing I've learned in all my years of writing (especially in school, where I set world records for procrastination), it's that given the opportunity, I will wait until the absolute last minute to do anything. Even now, when I'm much more motivated to get my own projects done, I'll still delay things as long as possible. It's a terrible curse.

So, I've found that the best solution is to set deadlines for myself (I'd still be editing gravida, had I not given myself a deadline) and treat them as absolute. Also, it helps if I tell other people, since I hate to let people down.

22 November, 2007. Thanksgiving Day. I'm giving myself until then to finish the next draft of the feature script I'm working on. Will it be the final draft? Probably not. Will it be pretty damned close? I think so.

By my estimate, I have roughly 20-25 pages to write (to replace the 20 pages I've cut in the past couple weeks), and I have to re-configure one of the film's key relationships (they were previously friends, but I've decided the film works better if they're dating). Also, there's endless tweaking that I'll end up doing.

Anyway, there's the date. Cross your fingers for me.


Moviezzz said...

Good luck!!

Any hint as to the story? Comedy? Drama? Musical? Horror?

lucas mcnelly said...


it's a relationship drama, mostly. although, part of the problem is that it keeps changing. it started as a comedy, oddly enough.

Piper said...

Not to worry. All great writers are terrible procrastinators. The deadline makes for interesting thinking.