27 November 2007

A Christmas Sale

Just in time for the holidays and all those warm, fuzzy feelings everyone has, there's a sale over at my production company, d press Productions. From now until 22 December, you can get FREE SHIPPING on everything you purchase from the store. (We don't, however, guarantee that an order before 22 December will get there by Christmas, but we'll sure try)

What can you get? Well, you can get this tshirt for a mere $16:

And for $8 you can get the DVD of gravida, which just happens to be one of the best reviewed short films of 2007 (and should soon be coming to a festival near you).

If you can't fill, like, your entire Christmas list there, well then you just aren't trying and/or stretching the limits of what your family wants for Christmas.

EDIT: for reasons I haven't yet figured out, it's still charging shipping. So, if you get charged shipping, I'll send it back with the item.


David Lowery said...

So did you reach your Thanksgiving goal?

lucas mcnelly said...

not quite, but i got close and i fixed some pretty big problems.

Citizen Driven said...

how long have you been working on the project? how long do you expect it to take? I do not know too much about this field.

lucas mcnelly said...

the script? off and on for a couple of years