18 October 2007

cleaning out the inbox

Lately there's been a trend of people sending me emails about their various projects, announcing to me (and I assume others) of their existence. Press releases, if you will. Since a lot of them aren't addressed to me, I'm never totally sure what I should do with them (note: if you're looking for a specific action from me, put that at the top of the email), so they just sit in my inbox.

But, recently I had two that were directed to me, so I'm gonna reach back and let you know about some of the other ones as well.

** There's a new movie community on the internets over at Spill.com. Alex tells me that, "the site’s built around animated reviews we put together on the latest movie releases. We launched originally at the beginning of the year, but it’s only within the last few weeks (and after more than a few sleepless nights…) we’ve added the community features in. The movies we review may be a little mainstream for your taste, but thought you might be interested to check the site out."

** The International Museum of Women is holding an online film festival throughout October, debuting a film a day for 31 days, all directed by women. Should be cool. Go here for more.

** The first DVD from tank.tv is now available for your purchasing pleasure. From the email: "This collection contains 24 film and video pieces by 24 UK based artists, each around three minutes long, and reflects the creativity, innovation and wide variety of subject matter for which tank.tv has become known and respected. It also includes five new, specially commissioned interviews pieces between feted curators and artists." There also seems to be a book.

** Jimmy Traynor's got a new film, Jimmy Traynor's The Ticket, which was filmed in 32 hours. Beyond that, Traynor's a big fan of the collaborative power of the indie filmmaker. Check it out.

That's all for now, as I seem to have deleted some. Enjoy.



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