25 September 2007

A PGH Premiere

For those of you in the Steel City, a bit of film news, courtesy of an email in my inbox:

Kurt Voelker's Park, winner of 3 festival awards[1], will premiere in Pittsburgh on Friday, 28 September at a location not specified in the email. So...I guess keep your eyes open.

Anyway, Voelker will be there, as will producer Dana Jackson.

And here is a clip, courtesy of YouTube:

**UPDATE** Via another email: the film will be playing at the South Side Works Cinema. Also, the film's official site is here.

[1] Audience Award at CineVegas International Film Festival (2006) and the Sonoma Valley Film Festival (2007). Also, the Jury Award at the Garden State Film Festival (2007).


Anonymous said...

Also wanted to let you know Dana is a Pittsburgh native