14 August 2007

Woody on Bergman

I haven't said anything about the death of Bergman, because what can you really say about the death of one of your heroes? (other than to be an asshole--Rosenbaum, not Jim--who uses the occasion of an icon's death to sully his reputation...not a classy move) Thankfully, Woody Allen has said it all in his wonderful article in The New York Times.

I learned from his example to try to turn out the best work I’m capable of at that given moment, never giving in to the foolish world of hits and flops or succumbing to playing the glitzy role of the film director, but making a movie and moving on to the next one. Bergman made about 60 films in his lifetime, I have made 38. At least if I can’t rise to his quality maybe I can approach his quantity.



pacheco said...

While I have no problem with Rosenbaum bashing Bergman till his fingers are numb, I do agree that perhaps his timing was a little off. At the very least, as you said, it's not very classy.

lucas mcnelly said...

yeah, he can say whatever the hell he wants, obviously, even if i think he's overstating his case by a bit.

it just looked to me like he had this argument all ready and was just waiting for Bergman to be newsworthy, so it could get more attention, and that is a completely classless thing to do, especially since the man had just died. show some fucking respect.

Edward Copeland said...

Actually, the worst dancing on Bergman's (and Antonioni's) grave came from right-wing hack John Podhoretz who used the occasion to denounce "elitists" for liking their films.

johanna said...

Of course, a good question that would probably not occur to anyone right off the cuff is, What would Bergman have cared?

I don't understand the need that guys seem to feel to create a really emotional (and artificial) atmosphere around things like the death of a man. Bergman did wonderful things, but he was still just a man, no better than you or me.

Guys do this with sports. It's really alienating. I'd like to think that artists have better sense than that; and by extension, the people who purport to love artists.

Obviously, you can call anyone an asshole that you want to, Lucas, but it doesn't change the fact that your doing so pays absolutely no respect to Bergman, certainly does him no great honor. Nor yourself.

So why do it?