27 August 2007

where the hell is the uber-indie project?

I've been getting some emails from filmmakers wondering when they can expect their reviews, seeing as some of them sent me their films over a month ago. Here's the default answer.

Basically, I've been pretty sick since about 1 July, battling a case of mono coupled with two (yes, two) occurrences of a particular nasty brand of strep throat. As you might imagine, this has pretty much sapped me of much of my strength and energy, so after I get done stuff that absolutely has to be done, I pretty much just crash on the couch.

When reviewing for the uber-indie project, I try to watch the films at least twice and avoid situations where I just rush through the review itself, because the filmmakers deserve better than that. But, I have trouble watching stuff I'm going to review when I feel shitty, as I tend to hate everything in those situations.

If it makes everyone feel better, I haven't really been watching any movies this summer. I have, however, fallen asleep on the couch during many a re-run of Seinfeld.

Add to that the fact that I'm moving at the end of the month, so some of the DVDs are packed already.

But, never fear. I haven't forgotten about your film. I will still review it. It may just take me a couple of weeks to catch up now that I'm starting to feel like something close to healthy.